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Currently we are looking for a NCS for Tuesday & Friday.
Also we can always use Alternates & Substitutes.
If your interested please contact
Mike, WJ3O (mike@wj3o.com) or RandalKA8MNP (ka8mnp@yahoo.com)
They can assist getting you set up.

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This is a private group of licensed hams only, and it is FREE!!!.

About the Early Bird Transcontinental Net
Celebrating 70 Years of "On Air" Service

We Meet Daily on 3.940 MHz From 4:45 AM to 6:00 AM est. Pre Net Check IN's Begin at 4:15 AM

Get an Early Bird Certificate
Check in 10 Times within 30 Days and get your Certificate.
You must hang around for the 10 check in's.
In & Out's do not count.
Replacement Certificates (New Call / Name Changes)
Effective January 1, 2019 any member who asks for a new replacement EBTN certificate, a call sign change to a certificate, or name change to a certificate will be charged $10.00, in advance, prior to the preparation and mailing of a new certificate.
Checks for new Certificates should be mailed to
John Fraley (N8XUS),
Who will in turn notify our Certificate Manager (Chuck Brown - KE4MC) to prepare and mail the new certificate.

  • Early Bird Transcontinental Net - KB1ZKG

    The Amateur Radio Early Bird Transcontinental Net was founded December 5, 1949, for the purpose of sending military traffic in and out of the USA in war time. In 1975, it was made into a social net with the purpose of starting each day with a bit of congeniality and social comments. The net meets daily on or about 3940 KHZ from 04:45 to 06:00 ET. Please join us!!! Ten check-ins within a thirty day period* qualifies you for a 8 1/2 x 11 inch “Certificate of Membership” from the Early Bird Transcontinental Net. * This means you must stick around for the net and make a contribution to the net when called between the hours of 04:45 and 06:00ET. "In and Outs" do not count for the Ten Check-ins in the thirty day period.

  • The Beginning

    As the story goes, a group of thirteen amateur radio operators from across the United States lead by Roy "Pinky" Pinkham, W6BPT, of Santa Clara, CA, started the “Early Bird Transcontinental Net” on December 5th, 1949. This group of "hams" were dedicated to relaying non-military related personal message handling from coast to coast. With the decline of message handling, in 1975, the "Birds" reclassified their group and turned the once "message handling net" into a "nation-wide social net". Today, the net still meets each morning, providing "hams" with the ability to communicate nation-wide with their social comments. They check in from Maine to Florida, Maryland to California, and all points in between.

  • Birds on the Fence

    Additionally, many of our "birds" gather throughout the year at various organized hamfests to put an eyeball on each other and spend a little quality time "rag chewing" in person. You can usually find the Early Bird Banner flying at Dayton, Orlando, Shelby, and many other regional hamfests throughout the year. Look for us! As a new "ham" to our net, we welcome you to the net and invite you to join us for a bit of congeniality and social comment. Be sure to check in and introduce yourself! Also EBTN Mugs can be purchased at The Sign Man for $15.00 ea. When ordering be sure to request "The Early Bird Net" Mug. Give them your call sign and name you want on the mug. 73, The "Early Birds"

"The EBTN Pre Amble"
******** CQ CQ CQ. This is the Early Bird Transcontinental Net. ********
Started on 5 December 1949, the Early Bird Transcontinental Net (EBTN) was specifically created with the purpose of relaying non-Military related traffic, as received by the Amateur Radio operators in the continental United States. On or about 1975, the original purpose of the EBTN was changed to a social net to "Start each day with a bit of congeniality and social comment." The EBTN operates on a frequency of 3940 KHz, and the Net meets from 04:45 to 06:00 Eastern time each day of the year. All Amateur Radio operators possessing a General Class or higher license are encouraged to join us. New members participating in the formal portion of the Net for 10 days, in any given 30 day period of time, qualify for a beautiful 8½ by 11 inch EBTN Certificate of Membership that is quite suitable for framing and proudly displaying on your Ham Shack wall.


The Early Bird Transcontinental Net (EBTN) does not currently charge a membership fee but we do incur costs for printing and mailing our Membership Certificates to new members and for the cost of hosting our Early Bird website. If you would like to make a donation to help support our net-related activities, please send your check or money order to our EBTN Treasurer at the mailing address shown below.

"Early Bird Transcontinental Net" or "E.B.T.N."
Early Bird Transcontinental Net
c/o EBTN Treasurer
612 S. Fork Estates III
Moorefield, WV 26836

3.940 Daily Starting at 4:45 AM
Recent Photos

A few recent gathering Photos