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How to get your Early Bird Certificate

First: You must check in 10 Times within 30 Days and get your Certificate.
You must hang around for the 10 check in's.
In & Out's do not count. No need to keep track, Charlie will be doing this for you!
Your First (Original) Certificate is free. You will receive your certificate via USPS.
New certificates are mailed out Approx. 1 time per month. If you have questions about your certificate e mail Charles at:

Replacement Certificates
(New Call / Name Changes, etc.)
Effective January 1, 2019 any member who asks for a replacement EBTN certificate, due to a call sign change
or name change, will be charged $10.00, in advance, prior
to the preparation and mailing of a new certificate.
3 Steps to get a replacement.

Step 1: Be sure your address is correct on QRZ.

Step 2: E Mail Us your change(s). (CLICK HERE TO E MAIL)
The subject line will auto populate.
(Or use ebtn3940@gmail.com, and put " Replacement Certificate "in the subject Line)
Provide us with the requested change.
(Name or Address Change / Call Sign Change Etc.) Include Current Call Sign (and new if Applicable)
plus your phone number in case we need to contact you.
Be sure all info provided is correct.

Step 3: AFTER YOU SEND THE E MAIL Pay for your order.
For fastest service
Use the " BUY NOW BUTTON BELOW " to pay by paypal, credit card!

(Online Ordering is currently underconstruction
please send a check or money order.)


Send a check for $10.00 to R.W. Smith
Your replacement certificate order will be processed and mailed after your payment has cleared.
Checks for new Certificates should be made payable to:

" R.W.Smith "
Mail to:
R W Smith
314 Chesapeake Trail
Pickens, SC 29671-8228